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***We cannot ship at this time, however we are more than happy to meet our buyers at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport for puppy drop-off for in-cabin flights back***

We ship throughout the United States by Airplane only.  The cost for shipping is $500 within the US and is subject to change depending on the airlines. The shipping rates includes cost of Airfare (usually $290+), Airline Approved Crate ($65) and Health Certificate by our Veterinarian ($90).  We ship out of Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO). We will occasionally meet at the airport for puppy pick up, and or in Reno or surrounding cities.


Below is a link that shows the Airline rates when shipping Cargo *remember weight is calculated by the 

puppy (4-8 lbs), crate (5+lbs) and any other items attached to the crate (food, water, blanket, water/food bowls etc.) (Anything over 10 lbs is an automatic price increase)

United Petsafe Live Animal Rate Chart

Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping

We found your website and love your puppies but we live across the country from you, can we have our puppy shipped? 

Yes, we can ship to just about any major airport in the US.

Shipping sounds scary. Is it stressful on the puppy? 

Any new situation can be stressful on a new puppy. Being weaned from momma, leaving the litter for the first time, first car rides, first night alone, ect…. We cannot avoid every stress in a dog’s life or they would never leave our ranch! Remember that puppies are not humans, they cannot reason out being scared of flying because__________ (you fill in the blank). So in actuality flying is not any more stressful than any other new situation your puppy will be in. I can tell you from experience that when the puppy gets to his destination he is always very happy to see his new owners and get out of his crate. This is a great bonding time between you and your new family member.

I have heard horror stories of puppies being lost or hurt while shipping, are any of these true? 

I have been shipping puppies for many years without issues. Every puppy I have ever shipped has arrived safe, sound, healthy and happy to his or her new home.

What is the worst thing that has ever happened when you have shipped a puppy? 

Occasionally on a long flight a puppy will poo in his box. It is a good idea to bring a towel and wet wipes to the airport with you.

Are some airlines better than others? 

Yes. We have had great experience with United Petsafe. They have an outstanding Pet Safe program and give the puppies detailed care during their traveling. We do not use Delta, they have a poor reputation with flying Cargo.

What is the cost break down of what you charge for shipping?

We charge $500 for shipping. This covers the puppies health certificate ($90+), the traveling crate ($65+), and the airfare which runs ($290+). We do not charge for our gas or time to the vets office or airport.

Who pays for these things? 

The Buyer covers the cost of shipping. The money is sent to me at the time of purchase along with the final payment for the puppy and I handle the shipping arrangements. All you do is show up at the airport with your ID and pick up your new baby from the airport, usually in the Baggage Claim area or some airports have their own Cargo department.

What will our puppy travel in? We use an airline approved, bolt together hard plastic kennel and a soft towel for lining. Food will be attached to the crate and a bowl to the front as the airlines will water your puppy during any lay over. This crate is yours to keep.

Will my puppy be on a direct flight or will he have to stop somewhere along the way

Almost ALL flights leave Reno-Tahoe International and go to that airlines “hub”. For United it is usually Denver or LAX, SFO, for American it is Dallas, Continentals flights go to Houston, Alaska through Seattle. From there an airport employee with collect the puppy, and take him to his next flight. During this time he will be offered water. There is rarely a non-stop flight out of Reno.

Have you ever had a puppy not make his connection flight? 

No, this has never happened with us.

Have you ever had a puppy arrive sick or hurt to his new home? 

No, this also has never happened.

How do I get my puppies shot records and papers? 

This will be shipped with the puppy, taped to the top of the crate.

It is so hot (or cold) this time of year; will the puppy suffer in this heat (cold)? 

No, United uses heated and air-conditioned vans to transport the puppies to and from the airplanes. They do not sit on the tarmac, and the cargo area it is fully pressurized and heated, or air-conditioned, as needed (just like the passenger area).

The flight has arrived and I have my puppy, what should I do next? 

Take him home! As you know he has been on a long flight and is probably hungry and wants to use the bathroom. But the airport is not a safe place to let your puppy out of his crate and down on the ground. If you think about it every puppy that is flown, is put down on the airports “pet” area, and though I can promise you my puppies are 100% healthy and vaccinated you cannot be sure about other breeders. So it is a huge risk to put your puppy down at the airport. Get him home and put him down in the safety of your own yard. The puppy will be tired from the long day so it is important to find him a quiet place to adjust to his new home.