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*We do offer ground shipping with door delivery service or meet in a neutral location to Sacramento, Folsom, Rancho Cordova, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Redding, Chico and all surrounding areas in Northern California, also in Northern Nevada such as Reno, Carson City, Minden, Gardnerville and all surrounding areas!  

General cost in local ground shipping is calculated by per mile distance* 


We try and offer a variety of shipping options, unfortunately United Airlines is no longer offering PetSafe Cargo shipping, so we can no longer offer that service, however there are many other alternatives!

Did you know you could fly in-cabin with your puppy?


Sometimes it’s hard to find a Reputable Breeder in your area, don’t settle for convenience!  If you have to travel to get a puppy that has a great start with a good Breeder, it will save you allot of heartache and frustration in the long run. 

One way to ship your puppy and bond with him or her on the way home is to fly in-cabin with him or her on the airline you choose!  It’s also like a mini vacation, especially coming to the Reno-Tahoe area :-).

Below I have put together some helpful info for if you do decide to fly in and pick up your puppy.

Each Airline has different policies for flying your puppy, below is some info to help you decide what best suites you and your puppy.

American Airlines

Allowes: Small pets at least 8 weeks old and combined weight may not exceed 20lbs

Scheduling flight as soon as possible to reserve a spot for your pet is important. Puppies flying with you in-cabin must remain in the carrier under the seat for the entire duration of the flight. 

United Airlines

Allowes: cat and dogs

United Airlines only allows two puppies in-cabin for most of their flights, so you’ll want to call ahead to confirm your puppy’s spot. The carrier must fit completely under the seat. United Airlines used to have a PetSafe program where you pet could fly in Cargo with a bigger crate, however PetSafe is currently suspended since the pandemic. 


Allowes: Dogs, cats, household birds for all US flights

Like many other airlines, Delta limits the number of animals that fly in coach, business class and first class. It is important to call and reserve a spot for your puppy early to fly in-cabin with him. Airline approve in-cabin crates need to remain under your seat and the puppy must remain in the carrier.

Southwest Airlines

Allowes: small dogs and cats on domestic flight only

Southwest is one of the few airlines that does not require formal documentation for your puppy to fly but does ask that they’re up to date on vaccines. They require puppy carriers to be small enough to fit underneath the seat.


Allowes: small dogs and cats

If you are brand new to flying with your puppy, JetBlue has an exclusive program called JetPaws, designed to give owners the tips and tools they need for a smooth trip. It’s a free program and you’ll ear 300 JetBlue points on each flight segment you fly with your pet!

JetBlue allows 4 pets per flight, so it’s important you book early to reserve your puppy’s seat. You can call JetBlue and let the agent know you are traveling with a puppy so they can reserve a spot for him or her. JetBlue only allows one pet per person and the carrier must fit underneath the seat.

Allegiant Air

Allowes: Cats and dogs if flying within the US

If you are looking for an easy, hassle-free pet travel flight, you can book on Allegiant. They do not require any health certificates and you can reserve your puppy’s spot at the same time you book your own flight online!  

Frontier Airlines

Allowes: Dogs and cats only in-cabin

While Frontier does not specifically require a health certificate for your puppy, you may need one depending on the state you will be flying to. 

Alaska Airlines

Allowes: Dogs, cats (both at least 8 weeks old), rabbits and household birds in-cabin.

Alaska Airlines first class cabin can only accommodate one pet, and the main cabin can accommodate 5 at most, so you will want to reserve your puppy’s spot as soon as possible. Puppies must be 8 week old and each passenger may travel with no more than two pets.

Hawaiian Airlines 

Allowes: Small dogs and cats in-cabin 

As with other airlines, you will want to reserve a ticket for yourself and your puppy as soon as possible. Each person can travel with one pet carrier. Pets are not accepted on International flights to or from New York-JFK, Boston, Orlando or Austin. 

              Here are some examples of In-cabin Airline Approved Crates, click on the imagine and it should take you to the webpage.

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