Cafe Au Lait Aussiedoodles

The Designer Dog

**For new puppy owners we suggest the Snuggle Puppy


Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Dog Toy is designed to help your dog cope with everyday stressors. This comforting toy recreates the intimacy and physical warmth that your nervous pup craves in times of stress due to loneliness, fear and separation anxieties. This stuffed animal behavioral aid also features a real-feel, pulsing heartbeat and heat source that works to calm your pup and reduce negative behaviors such as barking and whining. You can switch the heartbeat function on and off as desired. 

Clearly Loved Pets has a great looking kennel-puppy playpen for your home! Click Here for the website

Recommended Dog crate that puts safety first! Check out Diggs Pet products (you can also find them on

We highly recommend the ThunderShirt for any anxious or scared puppies or dogs during thunder storms, wind storms, Fireworks or anything that causes your dog anxiety!  Here is a link to learn more ThunderShirt

Our recommendation for leash training is starting the puppy in a "Mesh Harness" such as the one in the pictures, this saves the puppy's esophagus from being damaged while learning. 

You can find tiny dog sizes on Dinky Dog club