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Purebred Miniature Australian Shepherds - Honey Lake Mini Aussies

Blue Merle Mini Aussie and Aussiedoodle

This page is for our Purebred Toy and Mini Aussies email us at if you would like to be place a deposit for our upcoming litter.

Honey Lake Mini Aussies and Aussiedoodles

For future updates please check back in 2023 for purebred litters!

Below are past puppies from Honey Lake Mini Aussies

Blue Merle Female Mini Aussie
Blue Merle Mini Aussie with Blue eyes
Red Tri Toy Aussie Female Blue eyes
Blue Merle Toy Aussie
Purebred Aussie puppy with Breeder
Do Aussies Shed? Toy Australian Shepherd Honey Lake Mini Aussies

We get asked often "Do Purebred Aussies shed much?" 

My answer: Like a dandelion in a Gulf Coast Hurricane. Yes they shed like something died out in your yard or like you inherited a second dog. Aussie's require grooming on a regular basis and certain season's there will be dog hair just about everywhere. It is important to keep this in mind when wanting the purebred Aussie. I believe that is why our Aussie Doodles have become so popular, because you can get best of both worlds, ALLOT less shedding or none and still have the fun, intelligent loyal dog of the Aussie breed.

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Mini Aussie Shepherd