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Litter box training your puppy or dog can be convenient for many reasons, one being if you are unable to take your puppy out every 2 hours to potty outside, especially at night, then the litter box is a great alternative. We litter box train our Breeding females and they go on to teach their pups the protocol, all of our puppies as soon as they begin to walk learn to use the litter box. 

Here are some good tips on what you can use for litter box training listed below:

We use a Rabbit cage tray, they have several different sizes

we like to use the 24x24.

We line the bottom of the litter box with pine wood shavings (not pellets) to absorb urine and this helps with the ease of cleaning the tray.

We cover the pine wood shavings with Alfalfa pellets, we do not use PINE pellets, as the dogs will eat them.

For cleaning we use the spring action pooper scooper for the solids and a cat litter scooper (large) for scooping the saturated pellets.