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Puppy Development Calendar newborn-8 weeks old

We put together a Development Calendar to help families see how much puppies change from newborn to 8 weeks of age when they are ready for their new homes!

Stage 1

Newborn Day 1

Puppies will nurse and sleep during this time.

Day 7 after birthday still nursing and sleeping all day.

Stage 2

Day 14-18 after birthday, the eyes just cracking open, still nursing and sleeping all day.

Stage 3

Day 20 (week 3) after birthday, pup has her eyes open, she can see and hear now, she is beginning to try and walk (wobble) around.

Stage 4

Day 26 (week 4) after birthday, pup is walking and beginning to play a little, also beginning to eat a little solid food.

Stage 5

Week 5 after birthday, puppies are eating solid food, playing and learning to be more independent from mom. Week 6 puppies are weaned from Mom and given their 1st Vaccine!

Stage 6

Week 7 & 8 pups get their 8 week vaccine are eating dry kibble food and ready for their new home!