Mini Aussiedoodle puppy
Cafe Au Lait Aussiedoodle puppy

Cafe Au Lait Aussiedoodles

The Designer Dog

Our Girls

Cafe Au Laits Sweet Cream~ "Sophie"

12" height 12lbs

Registered Mini Poodle

Apricot Cream

Genetic testing

VWD1 Clear/Normal

PRA/PRCD Clear/Normal

HLMA Tinkerbell "Ava"

ASDR Registered Toy Aussie

12" in height under 10lbs 

Red Tri with 2 Blue Eyes (BET)

HLMA Maybe She's Born With It~ "Maybelline"

ASDR Registered Mini Aussie

15" in height 18 lbs

Blue Merle 

Genetic testing via parentage


DM test Clear/Normal

"Maybelline" as a puppy


Registered Miniature Poodle


13" height under 10lbs

Coco Chanel ~"Coco"

ASDR Registered Toy Aussie 

Black Tri 

12" in height under 10 pounds

Genetic full panel testing through Parentage


Registered F1 Aussiedoodle

Red and White

14" in height and 15 pounds

Genetic testing through Parentage