Cafe Au Lait Aussiedoodles

The Designer Dog

Our Girls

Cafe Au Laits Sweet Cream~ "Sophie"

12" height 15lbs

Registered Mini Poodle

Apricot Cream

Genetic testing

VWD1 Clear/Normal

PRA/PRCD Clear/Normal

HLMA Tinkerbell "Ava"

ASDR Registered Toy Aussie

12" in height

Red Tri with 2 Blue Eyes (BET)

Cafe's Mocha Java~ "Mocha"

AKC Registered Mini Poodle

13" in height


Genetic testing via parentage


PRA/PRCD N/N clear

VWD1 clear/Normal

HLMA Maybe She's Born With It~ "Maybelline"

ASDR Registered Mini Aussie

15" in height 18 lbs

Blue Merle 

Genetic testing via parentage


DM test Clear/Normal

"Maybelline" as a puppy


Registered Miniature Poodle


14" height 12 pounds

Coco Chanel ~"Coco"

ASDR Registered Toy Aussie 

Black Tri 

12" in height under 10 pounds