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Cafe Au Lait Aussiedoodle puppy

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First generation mixes tend to have many less health problems and seem to live longer too. This is not just a theory, but a proven fact backed up by many clinical studies. It is sometimes referred to as "hybrid vigor" since these crosses involve two totally separate gene pools coming together, with a tendency for added health benefits. This is not to say that just by mixing two different breeds of dog that you will never get any health problems, just that the chances of getting healthy dogs are increased. You still wouldn't be able to breed two different dogs with a common health problem such as a bad heart or hip dysplasia and expect to get healthy pups. It just doesn't happen that way! So that is why no matter what the breed or mix, both parents must be the healthiest specimen that you can find. Breeding any dog with a preexisting health problem or bad temperament is just bad judgment, period. The parents of all of our pups are healthy with loving temperaments. All of our babies are well socialized with children and other pets too and come with a one year health guarantee against genetic defects!