Cafe Au Lait Aussiedoodles

The Designer Dog

Here is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions…

  • Where are you located? 
Answer: We are located just North of Reno NV

  • Can we come visit your facility, meet the dogs and play with the puppies?
Answer: No. 

Here’s why, we have expensive high quality Breeding dogs that we can’t risk being exposed to contagious diseases, also we don't want to expose the puppies with their undeveloped immune systems before they receive their initial vaccines.  After the puppies receive their 8 week vaccines, then we will allow a visitor to meet a puppy if available.

We have around 2000 people visiting our website monthly, most of them ask if they can come “meet the dogs”, and many of them don’t have any intention on purchasing a puppy. This is our home and a place we aim to keep sterile especially during whelping season. Things like Distemper, Parvo, Canine H3N2 and Kennel cough, among many other contagious virus’ can be picked up on shoes, tires, hands, clothes etc. at any dog park, Wal-Mart, Petco, Petsmart, grocery stores and so on.

It’s not worth the risk of exposure for our dogs or puppies and even future litters to come, plus our buyers can feel confident knowing other people aren’t handling their puppy or bringing in contagious virus’ or parasites.

In addition visitors can be harmful to the connection between mama and pups, here is an article that explains more~

  • Can I see pictures of the parents of the puppies?
Answer: Yes. All of our dogs are posted on our website, we try and post multiple pictures to show our dogs personalities and have many videos of our dogs and puppies in action on our Youtube account.

  • Are your dogs tested for genetic faults?
Answer: Yes. We have our dogs genetically tested for common genetic faults for their breed the tests our dogs are cleared for are listed below:


  • What are your dogs temperaments like?
Answer: We only breed the best temperaments. All of our dogs are happy, healthy, obedient and friendly, we have two children who help feed, clean and care for the dogs and puppies daily, and our kids have done so since they were toddlers and we have never had a worry, our dogs are like family to us.


  • Does my puppy come with a Health Record.
Answer: Yes. We record the vaccines and deworming until you pick up your puppy at 8 weeks of age. You will receive a Health Record document with the dates, weights and dose of the de-wormer and also the stickers from the vaccine your puppy was given.

  • What vaccines and deworming Protocols do you have?
Answer: We vaccinate at 6 weeks of age with the Parvovirus vaccine, then at 8 weeks we give a DA2PP (Distemper Adeno 2 virus, Parainfluenza virus, Parvovirus). We deworm puppies at 3, 6 & 8 weeks of age with Nemex (Strongid T) dewormer.

  • Does my puppy come with Registration?
Answer: Yes. All of our dogs are Registered and we Register all of our litters.

  • When does my puppy come home?
Answer: The puppies are ready for their new home at 8 weeks old, we allow pick ups at our Ranch and also provide a few Shipping options.

  • What Doodle Generations do you offer?
Answer: We offer the following Generations:
F1- Mini Aussie x Poodle
F2- F1 Aussiedoodle x F1 Aussiedoodle
F1B- F1 Aussiedoodle x Poodle

  • Do you offer Breeding Rights?
Answer: We offer Breeding Rights for an additional $1000 to approved Breeders only.

  • What do you feed your dogs and puppies?
Answer: We have fed our dogs Iams Smart Puppy for Toy or Small Breeds and Iams Minichunks since 2007.