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F1, F1B, F2, Multi-Gen what do these mean?

One of the most common questions and most misunderstood subjects about the Aussiedoodle are the first, second and third generations. What does the F1, F2, F1B, Multigen mean? It’s important to understand generations before selecting a puppy, especially if you are looking for a complete non-shedder or if you or someone in the family has severe allergies, or you are looking for more of the purebred Breed you desire such as the Miniature Australian Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever etc. however not wanting all the shedding. The following will help dictate what type of Doodle you want for your family.

What is an F1 Aussiedoodle?

A F1 Aussiedoodles is the first generation cross between a purebred Miniature Australian Shepherd and a Purebred Poodle. This Aussiedoodle is what most people think of the “classic” Aussiedoodle, with the DNA split roughly 50/50 between the two purebred breeds.

Due to the large amount of genetic diversity, a first generation Aussiedoodle’s appearance can vary. The coat could be more of a straight wavy coat like the Miniature Aussie, super curly like the Poodle, or somewhere in between. Some F1 Aussiedoodle’s will be lower shedding than a purebred Miniature Aussie, but can still have some shedding and can trigger allergies, though some will be completely non-shedders and carry more of the Poodle coat.

What does the “F” mean?

Every Doodle generation begins with the letter “F”. This “F” stands for “Filial Hybrid”. All this means is that it is a hybrid dog that came from two purebred dogs.

What does the number mean?

The number is the generation of the dog. 1 means first generation, 2 means second generation, 3 means third generations and “multigen” means multi generations.

What is an F1B Aussiedoodle?

A first generation backcross Aussiedoodle is the result breeding of an F1 Aussiedoodle with a Poodle. It can also mean breeding an F1 Aussiedoodle with a Miniature Aussie. However, this cross is not as beneficial as crossing back to the Poodle as the purpose is to get a more non- shedding coat and aims for the more hypoallergenic type. It’s safe to assume that most F1B Aussiedoodles means that it is crossed back to the Poodle unless stated otherwise. While you lost a bit of the genetic diversity by crossing back to the Poodle, the main advantage is you get a more predictable coat and will be a safe bet for the allergy sufferers.

What does the “B” mean?

The “B” simply means bred back to the purebred. The F1 Doodles as described above have 50% of Miniature Aussie and 50% Poodle, so they can shed a little. Breeders will often breed the F1 back to the Poodle to help reduce shedding, thus resulting in more of a Poodle coat and it would be called an F1b Doodle puppy with 75% Poodle and 25% Aussie. Breeders backcross a backcross by breeding an F1b to a Poodle to get an F1bb puppy. There are inconsistencies in the terminology when you get deeper into the generations with backcrossing. An F2b should be an F2 bred back to a parent breed, however some take an F1 crossed with an F1b and call it F2b. Usually when you get into the F3 generations with backcrosses, breeders call it a “Mulitgenerational” or “Multigen” Doodle.

What is an F2 Aussiedoodle?

The F2 is the second generation Aussiedoodle, resulting from an F1 Aussiedoodle crossed to another F1 Aussiedoodle, this will result in a very similar cross from the first generation with either a coat with more curls like the Poodle and or more of the wavy Aussie coat, it is what the buyer prefers.

Hybrid Vigor

Purebred dogs suffer from many genetic aliments because the gene pool is small. It is commonly understood that by introducing a new gene pool through crossing two breeds that are prone to different sets of genetic concerns, the offspring will be healthier. This is a phenomenon called “Hybrid Vigor” and is one of the reasons people fall in love with the Doodles.

Aussiedoodle Generations Chart

It’s helpful to visualize the generations by a chart and see how each cross is produced. Keep in mind the DNA percentages are simply theoretical estimates. You never know for sure how much of each parent’s DNA an individual puppy will inherit.

F1, F1B, F2 Generation chart for Aussiedoodles
F1, F1B, F1BB, F2 Generation Chart