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Toy Aussiedoodle puppy
Mini and Toy Aussiedoodle puppies for sale

Here is a quick video below on explaining our "Mini" sizes, more to come on "Toy" sizes, if you are looking for a true "Mini" sized dog then we have the dog for you! Anything 30 pounds or bigger is not a "Mini" size Aussiedoodle it is more of a Moyen or Standard sized Doodle, (our Aussie Sam in the video is closer to a small Standard rather than Mini).

The "Aussiedoodle" is a hybrid/cross of the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle, both breeds come in 3 different sizes, with "Standard" being the biggest, “Mini or Miniature” the medium size, and “Toy” is the smallest.

In the Poodle breed, a "Standard" sized dog is one who is a minimum of 15 inches at the shoulder and up, an average size standard poodle usually ranges from 22-26 inches at the shoulder, and weighs from 45-70 lbs. In the Australian Shepherd the "Standard" is also the largest, being 18 inches or taller at the shoulder, the weight can range from 35 lbs and up.

A Miniature Poodle is from 10-15 inches at the shoulder and weighs anywhere from 10-20 lbs on average, depending on the height.

A Miniature Aussie is from 14-17 inches at the shoulders and weighs around 15-30 lbs on average.

A Toy sized Poodle can be from 6 up to 10 inches at the shoulders according to breed standards, and can weigh from 2 up to 12 lbs. (A very tiny toy poodle is referred to by breeders as a "T-Cup")

A Toy Australian Shepherd usually ranges from 10-13 inches at the shoulders and weighs around 8-16 lbs.

We Breed only Miniature and Toy Aussiedoodle sizes. Our Mini Aussies range in size from 12”-15” in height and our Poodles 13”-15” in height, some of our dogs tend to throw bigger then themselves and some of our Minis produce Toy sizes.

Most registries only determine the height of the dog as the “size” rather then weight, because weight can vary from dog to dog due to bone structure and also feeding habits by the owner, there can be a Toy Aussie at 12” in height and weigh 30 pounds (due to being overweight) and a 16” in height Aussie that is fit and weighs the same, so it can be hard to determine a size by weight, but we can give an average weight by the parents type.