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Breeder vs. Rescue

Posted by Cafe Au Lait Aussiedoodles, LLC on September 15, 2021 at 12:05 PM


First on a personal level, my family has over 40 years experience with dog rescues, so I can safely compare the differences between the two.

Dogs can have many different reasons they end up in Rescue facilities; people move, the dog has behavioral issues, health issues or otherwise, such as past careless owners or abusive owners which shaped them into a dangerous dog that caused them to end up where they are. Many rescue dogs don’t have good genetics behind their breeding and thus also making many unwanted health problems.

Though not all rescue dogs are problems, however the majority of rescues need special care.

Often Rescue dogs are a result of puppy mill bred dogs, whereas the puppy mill was shut down and they had to find 200+ dogs homes ASAP or stray dogs breeding and resulting in a unwanted litter of more stray dogs, or a nice family dog got out and bred the neighbors dog (whereas both should have been fixed but weren’t), or the coyote jumped in with the family dog etc. These dogs that end up in Rescue facilities don’t get tested for any genetic problems, they can have unwanted dispositions or temperaments especially to have around children or other animals, people don’t think about these crucial factors when “rescuing” an animal, but many times these dogs need a special home with an experienced handler/trainer to rehab these dogs.

In addition to choosing the right rescue dog, is choosing the right Rescue facility, not all Rescue organizations are responsible or honest! So beware and do your research if you choose to go that route.

If choosing a Responsible Breeder, you will have breeding dogs that have been genetically tested promoting a long healthy life in the puppies. Good Breeders ONLY breed the best temperaments and have generations backing up their breeding. Breeders also have a purpose to better the breed and to promote genetic health in addition to good temperaments that are safe around children and other animals, so you will know what you are getting in a puppy. In addition, raising a well-bred puppy can be a very rewarding, fun experience, and will build a strong bond between owner and pup/dog, which can be enjoyed for many long years.

Lindsay Odell

Honey Lake Mini Aussies

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